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 Threepenny Opera -Macheath 

"Milton Lopes is a dashing Macheath, with convincing physicality as he is thrown around the stage by police and a richness to his voice that helps the audience sympathise with his criminality" The Reviews Hub

"Lopes smiles and charms his way out of everything, distracting from the real darkness he leaves in his wake. If he wasn’t such an asset to the acting world, he would make a fine politician. And I’m fairly hopeful he will be offended by that". The Limping Chicken 


Our Country's Good - Aboriginal Australian

"Milton Lopes  deserves a mention for his haunting performance as The Aboriginal Australian and, more importantly for me as a blind theatre goer, for his expertly written and delivered audio description. If you are planning to go see the show, please grab a headset. Lopes’ performance creates a wonderful layer of commentary and clarity for the piece. His timing, focus and attention to detail particularly when audio describing the BSL his character performs (something I had never encountered before) is stunning." Exeunt Magazine

The Garden - Rui Carolos 


"It is most successful in the final section, handled by Milton Lopes, a soft graceful presence who before the show was to be seen wandering the grounds of the churchyard. He stopped by people and signed to them wordlessly to take an envelope, on which were the few lines of a poem, and in which was a small handful of seeds; you took the envelope, read the lines, and poured the seeds into his hand—a small, silent interaction that somehow felt right exactly, and that outdid the whole rest of the production in tying together the threads of its inspiration"Sideshow.

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